To develop a modern industrial park with basic infrastructure and all essential facilities.


Salient Features

One-stop Service

The one-stop service is planned to facilitate potential customers in submission and approval of building plans & drawings and utilities (water, gas, electricity and telecommunication) at their doorstep).

Secure Park-like environment

Proper check posts at the entry/ exit points and electronic measures will be established at the industrial park to ensure the highest level of security.

High Connectivity

Efficient but unique approach to road system has been adopted to ensure full access throughout the site. Roads are planned in a hierarchical manner so that traffic can be distributed efficiently.

A Vibrant Commercial Center

Central supporting services area offers such facilities as hotel accommodations, retail food and beverage, office space, conference/exhibition centre, health club and recreational activities.

Estate Management

The estate management will be established for the maintenance of the park, utilities, environment and commercial buildings with the aim of satisfying customers requirements, thereby sustaining the investment goals of estate owner and occupiers.

Storm water drainage system/ Landscapes

Covered, concrete, storm water drainage system will have proper slopes and collection pit in between medians along all the roads. Proper walkways, medians and landscapes will be maintained to enhance the park-like environment.