To develop a modern industrial park with basic infrastructure and all essential facilities.


Khairpur Special Economic Zone

"The Emerging Industrial Identity"

Khairpur, the land of many a splendor that has preserved the essence of its conquerors in the form of existing monuments and archaeological heritage to attract the tourists, is now all set to welcome both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Being developed in Khairpur District as a future hub of agro-processing and other related industries, KSEZ is spread over 140 acres land in the proximity of date-growing areas, ideal for setting up date-processing and packaging plants for exporting different varieties of dates to get high price for this value-added product in the international markets. This special zone will also be able to accommodate other allied industries making it a neat conglomeration of industrial clusters. KSEZ is definitely an ideal location for such enterprises because sit will have state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficient desing, easy access to labour and training facilities and quality logistic services. The zone will provide inherent benefits of essential supporting amenities to small, medium, and large enterprises to grow and flourish in a global marketplace.


The principal objective of "Agro-industrial sector" in Pakistan is to redesign policies for promoting productivity in different sectors of the economy by using the locally available raw material together with developing highly skilled manpower and addressing their development needs for rapid industrialization with community participation.

The KSEZ is therefore designed to bring about a socio-economic evolution for Khairpur district in particular and the entire region in general. The value-added industrial processing that will be facilitated by the KSEZ will have a significant impact on the performance of agricultural sector through reducing wastage, increasing profits, and boosting exports.