Dates of Khairpur

Pakistan produces a large variety of fruits and vegetables almost round the year and these are favourite throughout the world for their taste. Production of fruits mainly comprises citrus fruits, mangoes and dates. Sindh is the largest dates producing province of Pakistan. It produced around 350,000 tons of dates every year", which accounted for around 52% of the total dates produced each year". These dates are produced on an area of around 279,855 hectares in Sindh. Khairpur and Sukkur are the main districts having the highest production and the most suitable climate and soil conditions. Almost 80% to 85% dates are produce in these two districts. Besides these two main centres, there are a few more areas that produce around 15% of the total dates produced in Sindh.

Dates sector offers a fascinating business opportunity to the investors in Sindh. The highest production and long-practiced date culture make the two districts, Khairpur and Sukkur, as central venue for successful business venturing. Duo to its characteristics, Aseel is the most grown date variety, accounting for almost 85% of the dates produced in Khairpur and SUkkur districts. Good quality Aseel is used and traded as the Fresh Table Date in the local and international markets. However, C and D quality of Aseel is traded as a popular industrial date variety. Likewise Fasli, Karbalain and Kupro are also regarded as very good varieties due to their characteristics.