Khairpur The City of Dates

Spread over an area of 15.910 square kilometer, Khairpur "The City of Dates" is the headquarter of Khairpur District, the second largest district of Sindh. Having a population of nearly 1,546,587, the district is located in the northern part of Sindh. Once ruled by the Mirs of Talpur dynasty, the district is bounded on the north by Shikarpur and Sukkur districts, on the east by India, on the south by Sanghar and NAwabshah districts and on the west by Nawabshah and Larkana districts. Comprising Khairpur, Ghambat, Kot Diji, Thari Mirwah and Faiz Ganj talukas, Khairpur District extensively benefits from the canal irrigation system, originating from the mighty Indus River. While this densely populated region has ample workforce to meet all the requirements of upcoming industries, a full-fledged airport, highways and effective telecommunication network give a definite edge to it.

Already numerous leading national and multinational companies are operating in the region, such as

  • OMV
  • British Petroleum
  • Engro
  • LU Biscuits
  • Khairpur Sugar Mills
  • Nau Dero Sugar Mill